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The Birthday Chronicle on a 8.5 x 11 Old Parchment Art Background

BIRTHDAY CHRONICLE. What Happened the Day You Were Born A Mini-Newspaper Front Page of What Was Happening the Day You Were Born ... Every date from Jan 01, 1900 to Dec 31, 2016... Personalized and Suitable for framing!!! This is a GREAT Gift for anyone on your list. The Birthday Chronicle is a Personalized Mini-Newspaper Front Page Printout of what was happening on the day you were born... The printout will have the following: Personal greeting from the President. News from around the world. Academy Awards from your year. Top music of your year. Consumer Prices from your year. World Series winners from your year. List of Celebrities that share your Birthday. Chinese Celebrates your Birth Year. LASER PRINTED ON AN OLD PARCHMENT ART BACKGROUND to give it that weathered look as shown in sample... ______ ENTER BELOW: FIRST AND LAST NAME AND MONTH, DAY, and YEAR of Birth....January 12, 1947 LADIES: Include your MAIDEN NAME (The name you were given at birth) AGAIN WE HAVE THESE DATES Jan 01, 1900 to Dec 31, 2016

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